microfiber cleaning

Microfiber Systems and Cleaning Services

Microfiber technology has been a significant innovation to the cleaning products industry, which offers many benefits. Cloths made of microfiber material have the advanced ability to reduce the amount of bacteria on surfaces, decrease cross-contamination, and provide overall improved cleaning effectiveness. Sanitec’s Microfiber Cleaning System is proven more effective in removing dangerous germs such as E. coli, salmonella, and listeria. This results in cleaner facilities, and cleaning tasks being completed in a more efficient manner, saving on labour and resources.

About our Microfiber Color System and Laundering Service:

  • We provide Colour-coded microfiber cloths, mop heads and pads to prevent cross-contamination
  • We arrange weekly delivery and pickup
  • No investment in inventory is required
  • We offer a broad product line
  • Customized programs are arranged to target the specific needs of your facility

Clean up easier and faster with Microfiber

A nice feature of microfiber mops is that they are lightweight, and have a flat rectangular head that is maneuverable.  The microfiber cleaning material is a pad that easily attaches to the head of the mop with velcro.  Usually, clean microfiber pads are put into a basin of cleaning solution located on the cleaning cart and left to soak. A fresh, clean cloth pad is then removed from the basin in each room, wrung out, placed flat on the floor and the mop head is pressed on top of the velcro fasteners to hold it in place. In a typical space, 1 or 2 pads will be used to clean the entire area. The soiled pad is then easily removed by placing a foot on the edge of the pad and lifting the handle of the mop away. The pad is put aside for laundering, and a fresh one is used in the next area. A major benefit is that used pads are not put back into the cleaning solution, which prevents the cleaning solution from becoming contaminated by a dirty pad, or needing to be rinsed out and replenished. Additionally, the fact that it is a more lightweight alternative to traditional mopping, makes the task of microfiber mopping easier, more efficient, and less tiring for employees to use.

About Microfiber

Microfiber is a durable, synthetic fiber that is very absorbent, enabling the mop to hold an ample amount of water to get the cleaning job done effectively. Due to it’s absorbing properties, it doesn't drip excess water or create slippery wet areas. Instead, the floor is mildly damp and dries quickly after cleaning, as compared to being visibly wet as with regular mops. A vital improvement in the quality of sanitizing is made by the mop not needing to be dipped back into the cleaning solution like a regular mop would to be rinsed and replenished, which would contaminate the cleaning solution.

The microfibers in the material have a positive charge that attracts dust, similar to how a duster does. This is very effective in attracting dust and dirt particles, and also in holding them tightly so that they are not just being redistributed around the room.

Overall, microfiber mopping is a significantly effective method that uses less water and reduces the need for overly harsh and aggressive disinfectants.

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