Green Cleaning

The cleaning services industry as a whole is in a unique position to make thoughtful choices about the products we use, knowing that these choices have a direct impact on the environment. We are in an industry that relies heavily on large quantities of cleaning products in order to conduct our services. At Sanitec we embrace our responsibility to find the best products that will clean effectively, while at the same time being eco-friendly to the planet that we all share.

Studies have indicated that historically the majority of cleaning products available contained toxic chemicals that were good at removing tough dirt, but were shown to contain toxic chemicals that were harmful to people, pets, plants, and even the materials they were being used on to clean.

Nowadays there are many highly effective cleaning products available that are made without harmful chemicals and toxins. At Sanitec, we make an effort to put our best foot forward when caring for your facility, caring about our business practices, and caring about our impact on the environment. Today it is easier than ever for a company to ‘clean green’ with the choice of low-phosphate detergents and products becoming more widely available that are made with natural ingredients in place of toxic chemicals.

Aside from cleaning detergents, there are also other materials that are commonly used by cleaning services that can be substituted by green cleaning choices. For example, recycled paper towels can be used which deplete less of the planet’s raw materials to manufacture than non recycled paper towels. Even better, the use of any paper towel products altogether can be reduced; wherever appropriate Sanitec will use microfiber cleaning cloths which can be effectively laundered and reused.

Benefits of green cleaning

We have taken simple steps to reduce the impact that our services have on the environment, without compromising the effectiveness of our work. In fact, there are many benefits that come from adopting green cleaning products and methods. Green cleaning products maintain better indoor air quality throughout your business environment, resulting in better health and safety practices.

Sanitec uses environmentally friendly products

Sanitec is committed to keeping your facility clean and the environment safe with the use of bio-based cleaners and non-toxic materials. Many of our bio-based cleaning products are 100% biodegradable, containing no ozone depleting or hazardous chemicals.

Be an eco-friendly company

By making it a priority to adopt green cleaning practices, businesses make a positive impression upon their customers and clients. This serves to build their reputation and create a competitive advantage over those companies that don’t appear to put any thought into environmental practices.

Sanitec Solutions has the knowledge and experience to guide your organization towards becoming an eco-friendly business that employees and clients will admire and respect. Just some small and easy changes can make a big difference to our planet.

Give us a call to learn more about how we can bring safe and effective green cleaning practices to your business.