Why Should You Consider Dumping That Office Shredder?

Document shredding is necessary at virtually every business nowadays; identity theft is a massive problem that people deal with every day. Credit card companies devote entire divisions to fraud prevention because of the almost normalcy of the crime. Identity theft can affect virtually anyone, and all it takes is someone who sorts through discarded documents with the right know-how on the means to exploiting that information. Even if your office employs the use of an in-house paper shredder, your business is still at risk. Consider outsourcing your shredding service because of a few important reasons.

Because most offices employ the use of a paper shredder located in-house, their documents are being improperly shredded. These expensive appliances are often too simplified and small to properly shred documents. An office shredder will shred paper into long strips. A thief can simply piece together the strips if they are retrieved. By outsourcing to a professional shredding company, you are assured a shredding service that uses industrial-sized shredders that shred documents into confetti-sized pieces that cannot be pieced back together by thieves.

Despite what you may think, outsourcing your shredding services can actually save your business money. The large factor in the cost of in-house shredding is the fact that employees must dedicate time and effort to shredding documents. At first, this may not seem like a bad idea. However, when you factor in the amount of time and employee productivity lost to time spent shredding documents, your business may in fact be hemorrhaging money as a result. Office shredders are also quite an expensive appliance to purchase, and the initial capital may not be manageable for your business, so if you currently operate a business and were thinking of saving for a shredder, outsourcing your shredding needs will likely be a far more economical solution.

Perhaps the least obvious issue with in-house shredding is the legal risk associated with it, in the form of the consequences of an audit. As a business that deals with potentially sensitive documents, you must adhere to strict document shredding policies, and by choosing to perform in-house shredding, you’re unlikely following the mandated policies. By outsourcing your document shredding, your business is guaranteed to receive document shredding practices that adhere to strict policies. This could prevent expensive fines or charges in the future as a result of a failed audit.

Outsourcing your document shredding is often a barrier for businesses because it appears to be more expensive at first glance. But, once you dig a little deeper into the entire costs of the practice, it becomes clear that there is a lot of value in outsourcing. You get hassle-free, professional shredding, that’s guaranteed to follow the strictest security guidelines that are in place. Plus, outsourcing is often the most economical solution for businesses. Rather than having your employees do the work, leave it to the professionals. Contact Sanitec Solutions today to get a free quote on shredding costs, and dump that office shredder today.

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