The importance of paper shredding

Today, more than ever, we are all concerned about protecting personal information. This is particularly important for those in business, but it has also become quite important for the average person – with a bank account, credit card, and even month-to-month house bills. For businesses, associations, and organizations it’s especially critical to protect confidential information about members, clients and customers. Most everyone is sensitive to this need.

While it’s true that so much of our personal information is being stored digitally on various servers (or “clouds”), there is still a high volume of hard-copy paper. In business, the days of throwing away sensitive papers are gone. It’s just too risky to trash confidential paperwork and it’s too much of a gamble that something will fall into the wrong hands. The answer, of course, is paper shredding – a professional approach to managing paperwork and waste.

Professional paper shredding is the new way to do business, and it’s as vital as any other business function. Beyond protecting sensitive business information, document shredding allows for efficient waste management, and an eco-friendly way to handle recycling. As it is, client privacy is so fundamental today that the traditional means of document disposal are not even a consideration. There is no alternative for a business to be safe and secure.

For many businesses, there is an implicit legal obligation to shred confidential documents. And although this may not be applicable to all, the concept of paper shredding is a good one in principle. Not to mention the sheer volume of paper records that so many companies are holding. Shredding is a practical option that frees storage space, without the need to dump high volumes of trash into an overloaded waste disposal infrastructure.

Confidential customer accounts, employee information, and even patient records are very valuable to those who want to engage in counterfeiting, fraud, or identity theft. Bank and credit card statements, as well as personal income tax records can be even more valuable in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, we are in an era where paper shredding has become a real necessity. And the fact is, it’s a service that can bring benefits to everyone in the system.

The idea of outsourcing document shredding has become a viable option for companies of all sizes. Services vary around the region, and are available on-site, off-site or mobile. In Canada, the National Association for Information Destruction represents paper shredding companies who provide secure and reliable document destruction. They manage, shred and dispose in a professional and responsible manner. Above all, the service is cost effective.

Once committed, many business owners are impressed with the affordability of a shredding service. At the same time, many managers can appreciate how time consuming an in-house operation can be. In the end, the astute manager will conclude that outsourcing is good business. It makes abundant business sense to let the professionals handle the process, and do it in a secure, trusted and reliable manner. And the rest of the team can get back to work.

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