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Why Should You Consider Dumping That Office Shredder?

Document shredding is necessary at virtually every business nowadays; identity theft is a massive problem that people deal with every day. Credit card companies devote entire divisions to fraud prevention because of the almost normalcy of the crime. Identity theft can affect virtually anyone, and all it takes is someone who sorts through discarded documents with the right know-how on the means to exploiting that information. Even if your office employs the use of an in-house paper shredder, your business is still at risk. Consider outsourcing your shredding service because of a few important reasons. Continue reading Why Should You Consider Dumping That Office Shredder?

The importance of paper shredding

Today, more than ever, we are all concerned about protecting personal information. This is particularly important for those in business, but it has also become quite important for the average person – with a bank account, credit card, and even month-to-month house bills. For businesses, associations, and organizations it’s especially critical to protect confidential information about members, clients and customers. Most everyone is sensitive to this need. Continue reading The importance of paper shredding

Secure documents shredding services

Shredding services have become more and more prevalent in recent years as the awareness increases about personal privacy and security. Government agencies, private businesses, and public organizations are the most obvious users, but individuals are shredding and destroying for the very same reasons – there’s just too much out there that’s sensitive and confidential. And it’s neither practical nor realistic to keep it all in storage for the long term. Continue reading Secure documents shredding services