Secure document disposal in Toronto

Margot Somerville never dreamed of being accused of a financial crime. The retired former banking executive at Wells Fargo had her wallet stolen on a San Francisco street trolley in 2006. Initially, only $45 was missing from her account, spent at a United States Postal Service location. Eventually, the then 66 year-old Somerville was arrested at her home, accused by police of masterminding a scam that resulted in the theft of more than $60,000 from other people’s accounts from local Wells Fargo branches. The real culprit? Andrea Harris-Frazier. The 56 year old was eventually caught and charged with identity fraud charges. To this day, Somerville’s reputation has been tarnished, and she had spent almost $60,000 in legal fees throughout the entire process. This situation could have happened to anyone, and it could have been the result of more than just a wallet being stolen; improper document disposal, PIN theft, or driver’s license theft could have also result in similar scenarios.

Identity theft is a crime that affects millions each year. Thieves acquire personal information through a variety of methods, and sorting through a document disposal bin is one of the most common methods. A few pieces of discarded mail that contain your address, full name, or other pieces of personal information can allow a thief to eventually commit fraud using your information. Thieves can also target businesses by exploiting their document disposal practices; many businesses such as law firms, insurance agencies, or medical clinics perform a huge amount of document disposal for their clients. While it is unlikely that fraud will ever cease to exist, there is one effective way to reduce it: proper document disposal.

As a business owner, proper document disposal should be one of the your top concerns. Document disposal via recycling, while environmentally friendly, is not secure enough, given that paper recycling plants are not concerned with the security of their document disposal; merely the efficiency. Moreover, purchasing paper shredders and relying on your employees for in-house document disposal lowers productivity and may not meet all of the criteria set out by privacy standards for correct document disposal. By contracting out your document disposal to a company like Sanitec Solutions, you receive a secure, compliant document disposal service that is also affordable. Purchasing and maintaining paper shredders in the office can make document disposal expensive, and since you may underestimate how much document disposal your office needs to do, the process can also be quite stressful. Additionally, document disposal can create a lot of material to be recycled, and since space may be limited in the office, it makes sense to contract out your document disposal needs to a company like Sanitec.

Document disposal will help prevent identity theft and other crimes related to personal and sensitive information your business may be dealing with. The last thing your business wants is the stress of knowing that one of your clients was a victim of fraud as a result of improper document disposal practices. Plus, rather than investing in a paper shredder and having to do all the work yourself, you can save money and leave the work to the professionals. Sanitec is committed to secure, environmentally-friendly document disposal services that give you top value for dollar service and peace of mind.
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