How to Select the Best Janitorial Cleaning Services Company

Cleaning. Most of us hate to do it, but in order to maintain a healthy environment in workplaces, apartment or condo buildings, and public spaces, cleanliness is required; that starts with choosing the best janitorial cleaning services available. Researchers from the University of Maryland’s Medical School determined that in a typical office, more than 500 types of bacteria were present on any given office surface. We often consider our places of work, public destinations, and our living spaces to be relatively clean. But we often overlook the actual materials being used, ways our spaces are being cleaned, and upkeep of the cleanliness of our spaces. As adults in North America, we spend most of our time indoors. A clean indoor environment is important, and selecting the best janitorial cleaning services company for your establishment is the most effective method to achieve this goal.

The selection of a janitorial cleaning services company begins with your initial search, which for most businesses will begin with a search engine to find the company’s website. The first indicator of the quality of the janitorial cleaning services company in question is their first impression: their website’s appearance and the sense of professionalism gained from viewing it. Select a janitorial cleaning services company that has an attractive website and a thorough description of their services offered. A professional image communicates a professional approach to doing business.

The second step in your selection of a janitorial cleaning services company should deal with their commitment to the environment. In addition to the manufacturing process, the disposal of many traditional cleaning chemicals carries a significant environmental impact, including water and air pollution, not to mention janitorial staff injury. Therefore, you should select a janitorial cleaning services company that has a commitment to the environment, both with their use of environmentally friendly products and the disposal of chemicals in an ecologically sound manner, such as Sanitec Solutions’ Green Cleaning Policy.

A top-level janitorial cleaning services company will also offer a variety of services to best suit the needs of their potential clients. Not all locations require the same type of cleaning, so your selection should factor in the adaptability of your janitorial cleaning services company. Choose a company that offers top to bottom cleaning, including mat services and floor-specific care. Additionally, look for a janitorial cleaning services company that pays particular attention to antimicrobial cleaning practices, such as Sanitec Solutions’ use of microfiber cloths. It is often the little details that can help prevent the growth of potentially harmful bacterial cultures.

Your final decision should be based on the best practice of preventative maintenance. A good janitorial cleaning services company should employ cleaning and maintenance techniques that limit future visits to address petty repairs down the road. Some janitorial cleaning services companies may charge less than others, but it’s important to work with a trustworthy company that delivers quality service in the long-run, to avoid hefty costs in the future. Rather that focusing only on costs, consider the value each company brings to your establishment.

Choosing the best janitorial cleaning services company will keep your establishment looking clean and respectable, promote a healthy environment, and limit the amount of repeat visits by a cleaning service to address petty repairs. The positive impacts far outweigh the cost.

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