Don’t underestimate the value of office cleaning services

Office cleaning services have come a long way, and the professionals have steadily replaced the two late-night workers with a vacuum cleaner and spray bottle. Today, customer demands are heightened, and office cleaning companies have to accommodate client needs, while providing cost effective service packages. And those services must be reliable and consistent, with a focus on quality. As well, cleaning services must be specialized so they suit unique client needs.

For many of us, office hours comprise half of our waking hours. It’s essential, therefore, to work in an environment that is clean, tidy, and comfortable. It all translates into office productivity and general well-being – after all, when the team feels good, the team works well. And in today’s modern workspace, cleaning requirements have become much more specialized, including the ever-increasing need to provide eco-friendly products and cleaning methods.

More and more, company owners are asking for services that are specific to their needs. The days of emptying out trashcans and wiping counters are long gone. Today’s professionals are positioned to customize a service package for each client. For some, only a daily maintenance routine is needed; for others, the washroom and lunchroom may be a higher priority; and for some, a complete recycling program (because of their type of business) would be required.

Beyond the expectation of quality service, an office cleaning company must be reputable. And although reliability and consistency are a requirement, integrity is absolutely vital. This means providing credible references, retaining appropriate insurances, and having accreditation in the industry. Above all, there must be an element of honesty and trust – because every office space contains private and confidential materials, and this needs to be recognized.

A good office cleaning service will operate in “partnership” with the client. In fact, the quality of work provided will reflect directly on the service provider – it will ensure a roster of satisfied customers and enhance the company image at the same time. For the client, outsourcing the cleaning services can become very cost effective, with a schedule and routine that suits the workspace and office environment, and a process that is geared toward the priorities.

In today’s demanding business environment, company owners and managers are insisting on the most for the least. The professionals in office cleaning should be delivering BOTH – but not with empty promises and certainly not by compromising quality. A good office cleaning service should provide highly trained teams, with reliable equipment, and a systematic approach that is thorough and comprehensive. A high standard of service should be consistent and ongoing.

Not to be overlooked, a clean and hygienic office space is also a healthy place to work in. Allergy symptoms are reduced, air quality is enhanced, and areas like the kitchen and washroom are maintained in a sanitary condition. As well, the service provider who makes use of eco-friendly cleaning products can make a big difference. At the end of the day, cleanliness and tidiness will contribute to an atmosphere where employees, visitors, and clients enjoy the positive energy.

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