Commercial vs. Medical Cleaning Services

Effective medical cleaning of a hospital or doctor’s office is one of the most important ways that these two places can effectively prevent disease. The rate at which disease spreads in a hospital is incredible, and nearly every surface is at risk. Interestingly, one study found that many doctors were spreading disease around the hospital they worked at when they shared their smart phones. Fifty percent of phones at the hospital had at least one species of bacteria, and 40 percent had at least two species! While not all bacteria are harmless, 5 percent of the phones involved in the study did carry pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria, and that is more than enough to kick-start an outbreak at a hospital. That’s why it’s so important to select a cleaning company that specializes in medical cleaning and not just commercial cleaning.

Medical cleaning is vastly different both in scope and in process than traditional commercial cleaning. Medical cleaning involves different equipment and cleaning supplies, staff training, and even the types of work garments that medical cleaning staff wear are different. During proper medical cleaning, it is imperative that all surfaces are cleaned, especially high traffic ones such as tables, phones, door handles, and light switches. A commercial cleaning company will likely clean floors, windows, and perhaps the tables, desks, and chairs in the office. But, it’s unlikely that they possess the training or awareness to effectively and safely clean and mitigate the spread of infection the same way that a trained staff person from a reputable medical cleaning services company like Sanitec Solutions.

A company that specializes in medical cleaning also has advanced training methods that most commercial cleaning companies wouldn’t think to include in their training regimens. For example, one of the most pressing issues in medical cleaning is the issue of cross-contamination. Bacteria can spread almost immediately on contact, and certain cleaners are used to target specific organisms. If a species of bacteria or virus is present in one room, a medical cleaning staff person may accidentally spread it to a different room during their work shift. A company that employs staff trained in proper medical cleaning procedures like Sanitec will use a colour-coded system for their cleaning materials to prevent cross-contamination. This relatively simple step is extremely effective for reduction in the spread of dangerous pathogens.

Healthy air is just as important as infection-free surfaces when it comes to medical cleaning, and a company that uses HEPA (high efficiency particulate arrestance) certified vacuums and filters is second to none is the medical cleaning world. These vacuums effectively capture harmful microorganisms, unlike traditional vacuums, which simply do not have the technology it takes to perform like HEPA vacuums can.

Medical cleaning is crucial to the success of any health care facility, whether it’s for a large hospital or a doctor’s office. Choosing a company that has staff specialized in medical cleaning services is key to your patient’s health. Contact Sanitec Solutions today to get a free quote on medical cleaning services.

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