Carpet Care Services

Carpeting is one of the more popular flooring choices for office buildings. The soft material provides a sense of luxury to both employees and clients, and design choices are almost limitless. Because of its soft and absorbent properties, carpet is also beneficial in environments that require a great deal of standing, as it’s easier on the feet. Carpet also provides noise reduction and can help retain heat better than other flooring materials, making it the ideal choice in colder temperatures. While other flooring surfaces easily display if they’re in need of a quick mop or a sweep, carpet captures most of the dust, dirt, and grime it encounters. This means that hiring a professional carpet care service is a must when it comes to proper carpet care for your office. A company like Sanitec Solutions offers a wide range of carpet care methods to suit your company’s needs.

The most common method of carpet care is steam cleaning, where hot water is pumped deep into the fibres of the carpet to dissolve dirt and grime, and then vacuumed up immediately thereafter. Most carpets trap common allergens like pet dander, lead, particle pollution, and everyday dirt and dust. Carpets are also home to dust mites, whose microscopic size makes them almost impossible to detect, but their feces and body fragments can act as prevalent allergens. Mold is a third offender commonly found in carpets, especially in more humid climates. Steam cleaning will eliminate all of these problems from your carpet, and that’s the reason it’s the standard for effective carpet care. That being said, it’s also the most intensive out of all carpet care methods, and requires the carpet to be left alone for a few hours to dry after each session.

Another method in the carpet care regimen is a carpet shampooing. Carpet care via shampooing doesn’t clean the carpet as deeply as a steam clean, but this carpet care method won’t take as long to dry. For those times when leaving the carpet alone for a few
hours isn’t an option, a carpet shampoo is the carpet care method for you. In addition to shampooing, carpet care via bonnet cleaning is another time-sensitive option. Carpet care using bonnet cleaning is especially useful in high traffic areas as a preventative carpet care option.

Finally, if you have carpet in your office that’s sensitive to moisture damage, select a “dry” method of carpet care. A dry foam machine is ideal for this carpet care scenario. Using a mixture of 90% air and 10% water, the dry foam machine can provide effective carpet care without the water usage of other methods.

A company that provides effective carpet care will be prepared for any situation by offering a wide variety of methods to provide the best type of carpet cleaning for your office. A professional carpet care company can extend the life of your carpet and reduce harmful allergens and other invisible pollutants that may be trapped in your office’s carpets without you even knowing. Contact Sanitec Solutions at 416-253-0008 for a free quote and start a professional carpet care regimen today.

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