Tips for Preventing Basement Flooding

Winter is almost upon us, and while we may not associate winter with flooding, the fluctuating temperatures that typically occur at the beginning of winter pose a great risk for basement flooding. After a heavy snowfall in early winter, the temperature can often rise above zero degrees, causing a massive snow melt, which creates a potentially disastrous situation in terms of basement flooding. Factor in that a lack of flourishing vegetation is present at this time of year, and you have a very high risk scenario for basement flooding. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate risk before a potential flood event occurs. Here are some useful tips to help defend your home against the costs and stress of basement flooding. Continue reading Tips for Preventing Basement Flooding

The Importance of Post Construction Cleaning

Whether the project is large or small, construction projects tend to leave behind quite a large mess. A variety of materials combined with the precise measurements required for the materials to fit together in the desired configuration within the selected space creates a lot of pieces of debris, that sometimes cannot be disposed of through traditional means. If you’re a construction contractor, the cleaning process can be costly and time consuming. Outsourcing post construction cleaning services is a great way to ensure that this stress is alleviated. What could be better than outsourcing all of your post construction cleaning to a professional company so you don’t have to worry about the hassle? Let’s go a bit more in-depth as to why post construction is a great idea for you no matter what the project. Continue reading The Importance of Post Construction Cleaning

Commercial vs. Medical Cleaning Services

Effective medical cleaning of a hospital or doctor’s office is one of the most important ways that these two places can effectively prevent disease. The rate at which disease spreads in a hospital is incredible, and nearly every surface is at risk. Interestingly, one study found that many doctors were spreading disease around the hospital they worked at when they shared their smart phones. Fifty percent of phones at the hospital had at least one species of bacteria, and 40 percent had at least two species! While not all bacteria are harmless, 5 percent of the phones involved in the study did carry pathogenic (disease-causing) bacteria, and that is more than enough to kick-start an outbreak at a hospital. That’s why it’s so important to select a cleaning company that specializes in medical cleaning and not just commercial cleaning. Continue reading Commercial vs. Medical Cleaning Services

Why Should You Consider Dumping That Office Shredder?

Document shredding is necessary at virtually every business nowadays; identity theft is a massive problem that people deal with every day. Credit card companies devote entire divisions to fraud prevention because of the almost normalcy of the crime. Identity theft can affect virtually anyone, and all it takes is someone who sorts through discarded documents with the right know-how on the means to exploiting that information. Even if your office employs the use of an in-house paper shredder, your business is still at risk. Consider outsourcing your shredding service because of a few important reasons. Continue reading Why Should You Consider Dumping That Office Shredder?

Carpet Care Services

Carpeting is one of the more popular flooring choices for office buildings. The soft material provides a sense of luxury to both employees and clients, and design choices are almost limitless. Because of its soft and absorbent properties, carpet is also beneficial in environments that require a great deal of standing, as it’s easier on the feet. Carpet also provides noise reduction and can help retain heat better than other flooring materials, making it the ideal choice in colder temperatures. While other flooring surfaces easily display if they’re in need of a quick mop or a sweep, carpet captures most of the dust, dirt, and grime it encounters. This means that hiring a professional carpet care service is a must when it comes to proper carpet care for your office. A company like Sanitec Solutions offers a wide range of carpet care methods to suit your company’s needs. Continue reading Carpet Care Services

Secure document disposal in Toronto

Margot Somerville never dreamed of being accused of a financial crime. The retired former banking executive at Wells Fargo had her wallet stolen on a San Francisco street trolley in 2006. Initially, only $45 was missing from her account, spent at a United States Postal Service location. Eventually, the then 66 year-old Somerville was arrested at her home, accused by police of masterminding a scam that resulted in the theft of more than $60,000 from other people’s accounts from local Wells Fargo branches. The real culprit? Andrea Harris-Frazier. The 56 year old was eventually caught and charged with identity fraud charges. To this day, Somerville’s reputation has been tarnished, and she had spent almost $60,000 in legal fees throughout the entire process. This situation could have happened to anyone, and it could have been the result of more than just a wallet being stolen; improper document disposal, PIN theft, or driver’s license theft could have also result in similar scenarios. Continue reading Secure document disposal in Toronto

The Importance of Commercial Floor Cleaning

Towering over 900 feet above Toronto’s financial district on Bay Street, the Scotia Tower is an architectural icon in the realm of Canadian banking. Covered in a rusty Napoleon granite quarried from Sweden, the tower resonates the trademark colours of the bank, whose name it bears. Inside the main entranceway, the shimmering floors are also composed of red granite, giving visitors a luxurious impression when they enter the office building. Bank towers are known for their attention to detail, luxury, and finish; the reason for this is that in order to instill a sense of trust in their clients, banks invest great deals of money in the design of their office buildings. The investment in their space can be considered an investment in their future and their clientele; a bank that wasn’t financially secure for the foreseeable future wouldn’t bother wasting all that money on marble floors and cherry desks. All businesses can take a lesson from banks. Even if you can’t afford exquisite flooring or office furniture, every business can afford some form of cleaning services, and that starts with commercial floor cleaning. Continue reading The Importance of Commercial Floor Cleaning

Increasing efficiency by hiring an office cleaning service

Hiring an office cleaning service makes sense. It allows office staff to be more productive and more efficient with their own work, and makes bottom-line sense for every business owner. Professional office cleaning services can increase efficiency for small companies with small spaces; bigger companies with vast office space; and building owners with multiple tenants. In short, the benefits of contracting a professional office cleaning service far outweigh the idea of managing it all with internal staff. And at the end of the day, business efficiency is enhanced. Continue reading Increasing efficiency by hiring an office cleaning service

Outsourcing your commercial office cleaning

At one point or another, a business owner or office manager decides that outsourcing office cleaning makes good sense – it makes operational sense and it makes economic sense. This decision could apply to a smaller company with a small office configuration, or a bigger office space that includes multiple tenants. But either way, it’s a “bottom line” consideration – the benefits of hiring an office cleaning service begin to outweigh the option of handling everything internally. The status quo is unproductive and unmanageable. Continue reading Outsourcing your commercial office cleaning